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Everywhere You Go - CD

Everywhere You Go - CD

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On “Everywhere You Go,” Bruce dives into intimate and unique guitar arrangements of a wide swath of tunes and songs through his own musical lens, from African, Scandinavian, Scottish, Irish, American; both old and new. Longtime colleagues Darol Anger and Scottish Gàidhealtachd singer Mary Ann Kennedy lift things up on a few pieces. But mostly this is Bruce’s introspective and very solo exploration of a lifetime of his most loved songs and tunes. (Free digital download available with CD order!)


1. Iasitera 2:48
2. Bye Bye Baby Blues 3:09
3. Kom Hem (Come Home) 3:18
4. Bruce 3/4 Kaira Bah 4:07
5. Can't Win 3:52
6. Tostando Cancha 3:15
7. Fios chun a’ Bhàird 5:12
8. Boogie Woogie Dance 3:08
9. Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór 3:33
10. Facing The Chair 5:14
11. Dear Jill 5:07

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