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Closing The Gap - Molsky's Mountain Drifters - Digital Download

Closing The Gap - Molsky's Mountain Drifters - Digital Download

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Closing The Gap is the Mountain Drifters in their natural and instinctual state; raw, playful and free, the way the music is meant to be. The music is hopeful and optimistic and comes from the heart, and the recording starts with “There’s a bright side somewhere, ain’t gonna rest until I find it.”

The title track, Allison de Groot's “Closing the Gap” feels like a race. Each note tries to catch up with the next, narrowing the gap and steadily propelling the tune from one section to the next. . .

Track List:

  1. There's a Bright Side Somewhere 03:03
  2. Grey Eagle 02:34
  3. The Little Carpenter 03:28
  4. Fortune 02:13
  5. Spring of ’65 03:24
  6. Closing The Gap 02:13
  7. The Graf Spee 03:15
  8. Sweet Bride 03:00
  9. Hog Trough Reel 02:30
  10. Cumberland Gap 02:20
  11. All Gone Now 03:03
  12. Shooting Creek 02:40
  13. Let Me Fall 03:38
  14. K.C. Moan 03:10
  15. I Get My Whiskey From Rockingham 03:46
  16. Greenback Dollar 02:51
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